CAD - Design office for civil engineering and construction

Formwork plans and reinforcement plans in the field of:



  • building construction
  • civil construction
  • bridge construction
  • port and harbour construction
  • foundations for wind power plants
  • precast


We work with a clear vision, appreciate challenges and do our work with the highest possible passion. With a profound professional background we work at complex projects and exceptional constructions.


We appreciate the creative collaboration between architects and engineers and see this as a basic requirement for designing and building good structures.


File formats: *.dwg, *.ifc, *.pdf,

dwg files are compatible with AutoCAD 2020.

We support you in handling complex tasks for your civil engineering projects.


Contact us:



Heiko Basfeld

Schulstraße 46

D-46562 Voerde (Niederrhein)

Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen)


Tel.: +49 2855 9698194

Mageba is an international service provider and manufacturer of bridge bearings, expansion joints, seismic devices, monitoring services and architectural products.


CAD Services

As well as the impressive array of design disciplines described in detail on the other pages of this website, we are also pleased to offer a full array of CAD draughting services to both compliment out design capability and to supplement the CAD requirements of our clients as and when appropriate.

Also our CAD Technicians are highly competent users of both AUTOCAD and Microstation software applications and in line with the requirements of many high end clients we have substantial experience of solid modelling software packages.

CAD draughting can be undertaken on your projects here within our Great Yarmouth Head Office or at your offices if that is your preference and we also have the facilities to supply CAD resource for remote on site locations to meet the demands of any project requirements.

Our CAD technicians are skilled in the whole range of disciplines including Piping, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural, Cartographic, Animation and Walk Through technology, with all outputs controlled within our ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure both the accuracy and integrity of all deliverable elements.